basilica soundscape '15


Hudson, NY.

This past September Upstate Diary asked filmmaker and music aficionado Andi State to create a series of impressionistic films of her experience at Basilica SoundScape, which is known as “The Anti Festival” for its intimate, noncommercial and carefully curated lineup of music, visual art and literature.

"The events that follow are as true as I remember. I remember the storm snaking across the river leaving us breathless in its warm rain as we ran for shelter. The Basilica was warm and damp with people and darkness. Fog obscured my vision, cement shaking at my feet as I fell into the dense crowd. Guitars and sitars, boys with shuffling feet and closed eyes swaying into the pounding noise. Films and poets weaving their magic in far corners as friends huddled under awnings pulling on their cigarettes. I needed air so escaped outside and into the Dan Bunny universe across the way. In that small room we took in a sad and mournful tune as ladies contorted beneath that wild shadowed moon. The rain kept pounding through that night as we drank tequila and let the noise softly drown us out of sight." — Andi State

Films: Andi State  Sound Design: Colin LaClair




Representative I WITH Susan Humphries & Asia Sosnowski


Ryan Sawyer WITH Meshell Ndgeocello, Eliot Krimsky / 'WILD & BLUE'


michael hurley

*The music of Michael Hurley was recorded from ambiance on site, not a live performance.


Susan Humphries + Asia Sosnowski / 'FACES'

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