Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market


Whether it be snow, rain, or shine, from near and far they come with skillfully crafted creations.With care and attention they line up their goods, straighten their aprons, and wait with anticipation to share it all with you. Meet our 7 favorite makers participating in Farm & Flea '16!


Basilica Farm & Flea will be held Thanksgiving Weekend: Basilica Hudson, 110 S Front St, Hudson, NY 1253

Photos by Kate Orne

Kelli Cain


"I am an over-thinker whose compulsion for making things is just an effort to quiet the whirling thoughts and ideas competing for brain space. Working with clay creates a liberating silence. It's a fantastic medium to fail in: in early stages you can just recycle, make a new lump, and try again — in later ones you can smash it to pieces in an exciting display of frustration.

My most recent collection was inspired by Mark Rothko's writings. I was affected by his exploration of the depths of light and dark in his paintings and architecture."

Kelli Cain with a couple of her lovely Vessels and a Teapot. Instagram @kellicain

Westwind Orchard


"My father once said to me: "Be careful, you will become a slave of your land". Now I know what he meant but I would prefer to change it to: 'Be careful, you will become a steward of your land,' which it sounds a lot better :-).

When I started studying honeybees the first thing I learned was humility. When you go into a hive, you have 40,000 plus honeybees trying to do what’s best for their community and you feel like an intruder, so you need to step back, observe and know that, if you have humility, honeybees will teach you something new every time.

We will have our honey, maple syrup, jams, chocolates, apple sauce and, of course, our hard cider, all of which you will be able to taste, including; Classic, Goldrush and Raspberry!"

 Fabio Chizzola / Westwind Orchard Celebrating their new hard cider! Instagram @westwindorchard

Fabio Chizzola / Westwind Orchard Celebrating their new hard cider! Instagram @westwindorchard

Hudson Valley Charcuterie at Raven & Boar Farm


"All of our pigs live on pasture in the woods. Their natural ability for foraging adds mineral and fiber to their diet. More importantly, it allows the animals to be in a more natural habitat for their breed. This makes them happier and ultimately, tastier.

My husband never eats breakfast before the animals do. Our daughters, Kestrel, 8, and Freia, 6, have grown up with farming and are often part of our daily chores. We try to instill in them our work ethic. Since a very young age, our kids have understood the line between life and death — and the responsibility we have raising animals for food.

We have our pâté’s, sausage and our cook book available for sale at our Hudson Valley Charcuterie table in the main room as well as the Raven & Boar hot food stand in the outdoor food tent!"

Ruby Metzner / Hudson Valley Charcuterie Table and Raven & Boar with her tray of pâté! Instagram @ravenandboar.



"Our work was initially inspired by traditional Scandinavian woodcraft. This includes techniques for carving, using green, ‘tree wet’ wood, and the inspiration for shapes and the colors that decorate them. But, over the years, our inspiration has come from all sorts of traditional crafts including other mediums such as ceramics and metalwork and includes inspirations taken from the forms of an odd spoon or a Japanese rice bowl.

We have been working with wood in one form or another for most of our lives. We use hardwoods for all of our woodenware: cherry, maple, birch and beech to name a few. They are what grow locally in the Berkshires. Most of the wood that we use comes from our family’s farm in Lenox, MA."

Kyra & Matty Hart / Aubry with their hands full of their wooden bowls and spoons! Instagram @aubrywoodworks

Agnes Baddoo


"I come from a family that passes things down — not necessarily things of monetary value but of sentimental wattage. I always wanted to make something of form and function. I spend a lot oftime breaking in samples so I have an understanding of the characteristics of different materials and how they will age. When selling, I always bring a couple of old sacs as examples. People often want to buy my old ones but I tell them they have to make their own stories…

I find inspiration from nature: how a seed can become a tree and every awesome phase in between. I love how things work and finding patterns in nature, art, design and music.

Repetition is a key element of design. I find inspiration everywhere."


Agnes Baddoo with a few of her beautiful bags. Left to Right: Sac 2 Aged Natural. Sac .5 Crossbody Whiskey. Carryall Small Natural and Sac 1 Chocolate Buffalo. Instagram @agn3s

October Design


 "I consider myself a forager of abandoned things — anything the world has passed over or cast off. The items I salvage really deserve to be seen and reused, not just dumped and forgotten. I hope I’m fostering an appreciation for an era gone by. My lighting throws in a bit of surprise and whimsy with elements such as: birch bark or rabbit fence paired with microscope slides to create an oddball chandelier.

I try to transform each fixture so that one really has to look at it to figure out what it was. The look on a person’s face, watching them light up and smile when they realize what a particular lamp is made of, is priceless!"

Stephanie Reppas / October Design surrounded by, left to right,  Firkin Bucket Chandelier, Birch Wood Pendant LightCopper Farmhouse Pendant and Farm Basket Pendant. Instagram @octoberdesignco

Nina Z


"The idea for Nina Z was created out of the clog void I found in NYC back in mid-2000. I was often wearing my vintage Swedish clogs and women always asked me about them. I started with one classic model in '08 and then it went on from there. In '11, my hubby Tshidi joined so now we are a 100% husband & wife effort!

We use carefully selected leathers, lots of soft nubuck. Our bases are ergonomically developed to fit the foot. Clogs are functional shoes, so we want our customers to be able to wear them all day long and still feel at ease at the end of the day."

Cool and comfy, left to right, Frida Boot and Capri clog by Nina Z. Instagram @ninaznyc

Basilica Farm & Flea Holiday Market 2016

11.25.16 Friday 2pm-9pm

11.26.16 Saturday 10am-6pm

11.27.16 Sunday 11am-5pm.

Basilica Hudson, 110 S Front St, Hudson, NY 1253