“J. Morgan Puett: A practice of Be(e)ing”


3.19.16 Beach Lake, PA. 

We are proud to premier, “J. Morgan Puett: A practice of Be(e)ing”, a short film directed by Roderick Angle. 

Angle was first introduced to Puett when she invited him to a Saturday summer social at her secluded Mildred’s Lane community art project set in the woods. Becoming a regular fixture at the starlit dinners that featured intimate conversation, live music and sculptural bonfires, Angle gained Puett’s trust and made this jewel of a film, which he describes as his "humanitarian mission”. 

Please enjoy this fascinating journey into the highly curated and stylistically intentional world of “living art” created by the self-described ‘Ambassador of Entanglement’, J. Morgan Puett. We only wish Angle’s film would last longer.

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