'This Is Congo' by Daniel McCabe


“Dan McCabe and I first met online, as I was finishing a long run in Congo and heading for South Sudan. I was able to pass on my contacts to Dan and, over the next number of years, he produced a moving and visually stunning film, 'This is Congo', which truly captures the essence of what I experienced there. We finally met in person a couple of years later, in New York City, and quickly developed a meaningful friendship. Fast forward to 2014, and on Dan's invitation, I visited the small town of Hudson, NY, and decided to stay. Local creatives like Dan have made my "re-integration" into Western "civilization" possible. Here he shares some thoughts about his film.” —Tim Freccia


Directed  & Interviewed by Tim Freccia

June 29 - July 5 - Maysles Documentary Center - New York   
June 29 - July 5 - Laemmle Music Hall - Los Angeles, CA  

Additional US & Canada Screening Coming Soon!

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